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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We offer several options for our travelers, from restaurants to coffee shops​


    Terminal 3 - Departure#


    Terminal 3 - Departure#

    Burger King

    Terminal 3 - Departure#


    Terminal 3 - Departure#

    Joe & The Juice

    Joe & The Juice is a Danish chain of juice bars and coffee shops that has 338 locations around the world in Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America.
    Terminal 5 - Departure#

    Shawrma Jassas

    Shawarma Jassas is a fast-food restraunt that offers fresh shawarma meals, sandwiches, and pastries with beef and chicken, side dishes, and drinks.
    Terminal 5 - Metro Link#

    Eric kaiser

    Shawarma Jassas is a fast-food restraunt that offers fresh shawarma meals, sandwiches, and pastries with beef and chicken, side dishes, and drinks.
    Terminal 5 - Departure#


    Maqloba restaurant offers traditional Arabic food, served in a modern and innovative way with an emphasis on high quality.
    Terminal 5 -Metro Link#


    LEVITO offers a wide range of high-quality Italian pizza along with different sauces and toppings, freshly prepared pasta, and other Italian dishes.
    Terminal 5 - Departure #

    Soul + Grain

    This brand offers fresh and healthy snacks and a wide choice of food for travelers.
    Terminal 5 - Departure#


    Brioche Dorée is a French international brand that serves fresh and tasty sweet pastries and sandwiches. It is known for its quality produce, wide choice, and variety.
    Terminal 5 - Departure#

    Coffee Lab

    Coffee Lab is a successful Greek brand combining a self-service, coffee/snack bar. It serves natural food, avoiding additives and preservatives.
    Terminal 5 - Departure#

    Moroccan Taste

    ​The Moroccan Taste Group is a leading Saudi group that specializes in the world of cafes, which distinguished itself from its competitors despite its 11 years of age
    Terminal 5 - Departure#

    Camel Step

    Camel Step offers premium coffee with high quality coffee beans​​
    Terminal 4 - Departure#

    The Pasta Cup

    The Pasta Cup offers several types of pasta with innovative dishes and fresh ingredients.
    Terminal 4 - Departure#


    Morso offers fresh and delicious pasta and pizza
    Terminal 3 - Departure#

    Manoushe street

    Manoushe street serves many delicious pies and wraps
    Terminal 3 - Departure#

    what the crepe

    Serves unique desserts and cold and hot beverages.
    Terminal 3 - Departure#

    Half Million

    Half Million offers premium coffee, high-quality delicious baked goods and sandwiches, and other beverages and food products.
    Terminal 4 - Departure#

    Tim Hortons

    Enjoy Tim Hortons’s premium coffees, delicious baked goods, made to order sandwiches and wraps, and many other beverages and food products
    Terminal 3 - Departure#; Tim Hortons#Terminal 4 - Departure#; Tim Hortons#Terminal 4 - Arrival#

    Baskin Robbins

    Baskin Robbins is one of world’s biggest ice cream specialty shops, and it has more than 8000 shop locations around the world.
    Terminal 5 - Departure #


    Cinnabon serves coffee and unique desserts
    Terminal 2 - Departure#


    SUBWAY brand is the world's largest submarine sandwich chain with more than 44,000 locations around the world. they become the leading choice for people seeking quick, nutritious meals that the whole family can enjoy.​
    Terminal 3 - Departure#; Subway#Terminal 4 - Departure#


    ​Albaik (Arabic: البيك‎, meaning Bey, and stylized as ALBAIK) is a major fast food restaurant chain in Saudi Arabia that primarily sells broasted chicken and shrimp with a variety of sauces
    Terminal 3 - Arrival#

    Dr.Cafe Coffee

    Dr.CAFE offers premium coffee, pre-made delicious baked goods, cakes, and desserts, and many cold and hot beverages.
    Terminal 2 - Departure#; Dr.Cafe Coffee#Terminal 3 - Departure#; Dr.Cafe#Terminal 2 - Arrival#


    Starbucks offers premium coffee, pre-made delicious baked goods and cakes, and hot and cold beverages.
    Terminal 5 - Arrival#; StarBucks#Terminal 3 - Departure#; StarBucks#Terminal 3 - Arrival# ; StarBucks#Terminal 4 - Departure#

    Domino’s Pizza

    Domino's offers made-to-order high-quality pizzas and delicious sandwiches, hot beverages, and fresh products.
    Terminal 5 - Departure#; Domino#Terminal 4 - Departure#


    ​​​Shawarmer is a Middle Eastern quick service restaurant chain specializing in Shawarma. Shawarmer opened its first branch in Riyadh. Shawarmer concept revolves around innovating the traditional shawarma
    Terminal 5 - Departure #


    Herfy offers burgers fast food meals and french fries.
    Terminal 2 - Arrival#


    ​​Paul is a French chain of bakery and cafes that was founded in 1889 by Charlemagne Mayotte, [1] [2] in Nord located in the city of Croix. He specializes in providing French products including bread.
    Terminal 2 - Departure#; Paul#Terminal 4 - Arrival#; Paul#Terminal 4 - Departure#

    Mama Benz Café

    Mamma Bunz offers coffee, pre-made premium baked goods and cakes, wraps, and hot and cold beverages.
    Terminal 5 - Arrival#; MamaBenz#Terminal 3 - Departure#

    Dunkin Donuts

    ​​Dunkin 'Donuts has succeeded in being one of the most widespread chain of baked goods and cafes in the world, serving more than 2.7 million customers per day, and has approximately 8,000 stores in more than 30 countries around the world.
    Terminal 2 - Arrival#; Dunkin#Terminal 5 - Departure#; Dunkin#Terminal 2 - Baggage Claim Area#; Dunkin#Terminal 2 - Departure#; Dunkin#Terminal 5 - Baggage Claim Area#; Dunkin#Terminal 3 - Baggage Claim Area#; Dunkin#Terminal 4 - Baggage Claim Area#

    Burger king

    Burger King offers burgers of high-quality meats, french fries, and various sandwiches.
    Terminal 5 - Departure#

    Java Cafe

    Java offers coffee, pre-made delicious baked goods and cakes, and hot and cold beverages.
    Terminal 5 - Arrival#


    Kudu offers burgers, and high-quality different breakfast choices, french fries, and different desserts.
    Terminal 2 - Arrival#